Artwork by Pompe

Be the calm in your chaos with my inspirational artwork for your home and office!

Would you like to have a visual reminder to relax and breathe throughout your day? I’ve created my artwork to bring healing and light into your life, a constant reminder to return to awareness with love, kindness and grace.

Alternative photography, my original images of the natural world printed in Limited Editions on imported Japanese Rice paper

Mixed Media, my one of a kind originals, combine painting, transferred and collaged images on Archival Panel boards

Calligraphy, Shodo, the Zen art of the brush, original and Limited Edition prints of inspirational characters on imported Japanese Rice paper, and Archival surfaces.

With the Internet, and our cell phones streaming information faster and faster, life is challenging in so many ways. Anxiety and overwhelm limit possibilities for our happiness, success and wellbeing.

I create visual reminders to hang on the walls of your office or home, anchoring you with awareness to the present moment, the world of now. In each busy moment you can stop, remembering to relax and breathe.


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