by Pompe Strater-Vidal
Zen Sensei and founder of Relax Breathe Flow

I’m sitting down to write you this on Friday; our US election results still coming in from a few days ago. People aren’t used to this. To the unknown.

One of my clients asked me if I was checking the latest election returns throughout the day. I said no. When it’s over, someone will let me know 🙂

The truth is our nervous system isn’t wired to sit well with uncertainty. The unknown activates out fight or flight response, to protect us from potential threats. Our thoughts race along with our hormones and heartbeat; our primitive brain and instinctual survival mechanisms take charge.

That’s why meditation teachers talk about disciplining your thoughts.

Disciplining your thoughts isn’t about getting rid of them or labelling them bad. It’s about letting go of your attachment to the content of your thoughts and the emotions fueling them. If there’s no tiger in the room, it’s safe to let go.

Sit back and try it now:

Shift your attention from the content of your thoughts to the movement of your breath.

Sense your lungs as they expand and contract. 

Feel your chest rise and fall. 

Watch your thoughts as they come and go. 

Focus on the space between them.

Keep coming back to the movement of your breath.

Our breath is anchored in the present moment. Our repetitive thoughts are anchored in the past, planning for the future. 

To see clearly is to look into the world of possibilities. 

To face the unknown.

All the best,