by Pompe Strater-Vidal
Zen Sensei and founder of Relax Breathe Flow

This week is Valentine’s Day, a holiday about love. Before you can truly love another, you need to love your self. Have you heard this before? Like many clichés, it’s true 🙂

Learning to deeply and fully accept the parts of your self you reject, judge, and blame is the path of love. Awareness of the biggest obstacle in the way, the voice of your Inner Critic, is a crucial step. 

The beliefs of the Inner Critic form a tangled web, sticky and suffocating. The harder you try to break free, the more you are trapped, like a fly in a spider web.

I created a simple training about this a few years ago, including an audio meditation and ebook. Have you listened to it? You can access here as a free gift now.

Here is a quote:

Love is a universal quality that we can tap into during meditation, as we open ourselves to the present moment. The space between our thoughts expands and grows naturally as we focus on it. This space is quiet and peaceful, beyond the voice of our Inner Critic. 

I find that rejection is rooted in fear, judgment in anger, and blame in guilt. In the space of meditation, we can let go, and we can rest.

All the best,